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What is TCJJP?

The TCJJP is a non-profit organization dedicated to a level playing field for products containing juice.  Our international membership includes regulatory, industry and academic personnel.    We work with AOAC and other organizations to develop and validate methods for authenticating juice and juice products.  We collect and exchange normative data to interpret such methods.  And we sponsor workshops and symposiums to share this technology with other interested parties.
Website and TCJJP Disclaimer

 The function of the website publisher and TCJJP is the compilation and distribution of this information. In presenting this material, the publisher and TCJJP does not warrant or guarantee any of the information provided for any use whatsoever. The publisher and TCJJP do not assume and expressly disclaim any obligations relative to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the contents of this publication or any method mentioned on this website. Neither TCJJP nor the publisher advocate use of any product, specifications, method or information described herein, nor is TCJJP or publisher responsible for misuse of any information contained herein.

Notice of Tax Exempt Status

Effective 1989, the Technical Committee for Juice and Juice Products is determined to be exempt from federal income tax under 501(3)c; of the Internal Revenue Code. As such TCJJP is required to make annual return information, Form 990 or 990-EZ, available for public inspection for three years.  TCJJP is also required to make public its exemption application and exemption letter.  Copies of these documents will be available upon written request to the association Secretary (at the address posted on this website) when accompanied by a fee for postage and reasonable copy charges.